Term Limits

Upgrade My Country is a movement to pass two pre-written constitutional amendments to the US Constitution for Term Limits and Modern Elections. This Blog Series summarizes the Amendments in layman’s terms and calls out the arguments for and against the change while also calling out how the Democratic-Republican party (aka “The Beast”) lies about the […]

Upgrade My Country Launches to Amend the US Constitution for Term Limits & Modern Elections

A political entertainment company has launched today with the mission to unite America to amend the US Constitution through comics, music, and film providing new hope for a deeply divided nation. Upgrade My Country features the work of entrepreneur, author, and newly debuting singer/songwriter Tony Zorc to ignite a social movement to amend the US Constitution with […]

Tony Zorc Announces run for President of the United States in 2024 as an Independent

Singer/Songwriter, Tony Zorc announces his run for President in 2024 to serve the American people as a peaceful Revolutionary in the position of President and advance the Upgrade My Country Movement’s agenda to amend the US Constitution for Term Limits and Upgraded Elections. Upgrade My Country and Tony Zorc jointly announce that Mr. Zorc is the Movement’s endorsed […]

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