Singer/Songwriter, Tony Zorc announces his run for President in 2024 to serve the American people as a peaceful Revolutionary in the position of President and advance the Upgrade My Country Movement’s agenda to amend the US Constitution for Term Limits and Upgraded Elections.

Upgrade My Country and Tony Zorc jointly announce that Mr. Zorc is the Movement’s endorsed Independent Presidential candidate for 2024. Upgrade My Country is a plan for US Citizens to take back control of their country from what it frames as a corrupt duopoly aka; the Democratic-Republican Party or “the Beast” whose primary directive is to serve itself over the American people.

Zorc stated: “Real change in Washington has to come from outside our existing system of government. Change starts with an open mind, then follows hope, and if followed by action comes real change.”

The Upgrade My Country Movement claims to have a unique approach to social change through the union of pop culture and politics. To support the Movement, Zorc has recorded a music catalog of 25 songs and is releasing one song each month prior to the 2024 election. Zorc’s first song Beast Congressman was released on the day following the mid-term election on 11/9/2022 in coordination with the launch of the Upgrade My Country Movement. In just a few weeks, Zorc’s song and its related social media music videos have had over 300,000 views, and his social media following has increased 59.6%.

Zorc further claims he is not running as a spoiler for either the Democratic or Republican party in 2024. He believes the American People will make history in the 2024 election cycle by unifying their support to send a Revolutionary to Washington to execute the Upgrade My Country plan. He believes this will result in the awarding of the required 270 electoral votes to the Revolutionary candidate.

About Tony Zorc

Tony Zorc is an Entrepreneur, Author, Singer/Songwriter turned political activist. Visit to learn more.

About Upgrade My Country

Upgrade My Country is a nonprofit, mission-based organization to amend the US Constitution for Term Limits and Upgraded Elections by unifying America through pop culture, including; comics, music, and film. Visit to learn more.

The article was originally published on Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/