A vote for Tony is the first step in the Upgrade My Country Movement to Amend the Constitution and fix our broken democracy. Tony Zorc for President in 2024!


America is under the authoritative rule of a corrupt duopoly. Aka- The Democratic-Republican Party or The Beast. The Beast has created a democracy veneer of America. At this point, our country can only change by removing the Beast from power and amending our Constitution for Term Limits and Modern Elections. Success for our nation comes when each citizen recognizes what is going on at an individual level and then fights for change. Tony has a plan for you to succeed in taking back control of your country. The first step in the plan is to elect him to the office of President where he will serve as a Revolutionary on your behalf.

About Tony

Tony Zorc is a singer/songwriter, author, successful entrepreneur, lifelong athlete, husband, father, and man of faith. He has set aside his business career as he feels called by God to use his talents to train and coach any willing American in their fight to take back their country from a corrupt duopoly. aka: “the Democratic-Republican Party” or “The Beast” Tony would be honored if you give him a chance to be your “Democracy Coach”.

The Early Years 1973-1983

Seen in front. Tony was born to Stan & Diana Zorc in Evanston, Il on November 19, 1973. He was the second born in a family of three children. The Zorcs were a middle-class family that resided in the western suburbs of Chicago. Tony was known to be a pretty creative kid, but a responsible and ambitious one as well. At 10 years old he started his first business mowing lawns and was constantly building hobby projects and custom lego creations in his spare time. He loved sports and played many of them, as well as participated in scouting and several church youth groups.

Teenage Years

Tony spent most of his teenage years studying in school and training as a competitive gymnast. In 1992, his senior year in high school, he was the State Champion in Illinois on the still rings, placed second on the vault and 3rd in the all-around. He is on a very short list of gymnasts who have made it to the event finals on all 6 events in Illinois in the same year. Tony expands on how the sport of gymnastics helped him in his journey towards iconoclast thinking in his book.


Tony attended Hope College in Holland, Michigan where he enjoyed the natural beauty of West Michigan and the company of good friends. He started working on his career diligently right out of College, taking a job at a certified public accounting firm and earned his CPA certificate. He started a 10 year journey of climbing the corporate ladder diligently until he would eventually start his own business in his early 30’s.


Tony’s 30s were full of massive change and difficult times. He fathered two children, got divorced, started a successful Accounting software business named Accounting Seed, lost his father of 58 years to cancer, got remarried to Caroline Beatson, gained two step children and found Christ. This was a period of metamorphosis in his life.

Early Forties

Tony and Caroline were able to raise their four children together in a blended, loving family. Caroline joined Tony working for Accounting Seed where they were able grow the business with astonishing success with no outside investment capital.

A Family Tragedy

On March 27, 2019 the family lost Ethan, oldest of 4 children, unexpectedly to SCD. The electrical system in Ethan’s heart failed while he was sleeping in his dorm room at college. He was 20 year, and 6 weeks old when he died.

A New Mission

Ethan’s life being cut so short, sparked an awakening in Tony. He truly understood how short life was from the loss, and asked himself and God what he should do with the rest of his life. Tony’s holy discontent and heartbreak for how broken our nation has become was eating at his soul for many years. After many episodes of prayer, critical thinking and meditation Tony decided his mission would be to create a plan to coach any American who recognized that our democracy has fallen to a path of restoration.


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The best way to get to know Tony is to read his book: ‘Iconoclasm – A Survival Guide in the Post Pandemic Economy’. It inspires readers to adopt iconoclasm into their daily lives. Partnering with Forbes Books, Tony dives into his past experiences and let’s you know his story, as well as the way he thinks. Available on Amazon, Kindle and Audible.